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‘da Kink in My Hair’ at Horizon Theatre

2016 July 24
by Susan Asher

The cover of the plalybill for ¬†“‘da kink in my hair” says it’s “A Sold-Out Musical Sensation and TV Show, Now Onstage,” so who am I to argue with this big hit. I won’t.

If you like Tyler Perry’s work, you’ll probably love this play. If you haven’t seen a few plays from the 1970s in which different female characters tell their different stories, you might think this is original and smart playwriting. If you liked the musical “Menopause” and thought that was funny, you’ll love the old lady’s tune about her and her boyfriend with its¬†sexual innuendos. If you’ve seen a lot of theater, you, like I, might have known exactly what trouble was brewing from the moment the little girl came on stage and the gist of the story she was going to tell. Originality is not something this show gets high marks for.

Plenty of people loved Horizon Theatre’s rendition of this play. The actors were all good, and people all around me were laughing. I wasn’t one of them.

Written by Trey Anthony, directed by Thomas W. Jones Jr., “‘da Kink in My Hair” runs through Aug. 28 at Horizon Theatre.

Terry Burrell
Maiesha McQueen
Minka Wiltz
Marliss Amiea
Jennifer Alice Acker
Jeanette Illidge
Onya Russell
Janeva Sibdhannie
LeAnn Dunn
Laurie Williamson

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