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‘The Judas Kiss’ at Actor’s Express

2011 June 8
Freddie Ashley and Clifton Guterman

Freddie Ashley and Clifton Guterman

If you think “coming out” is tough now, one can only imagine how difficult it must have been back in Victorian England, when homosexuality was against the law.

“The Judas Kiss,” by multi-award-winning playwright playwright David Hare, peeks at the later life of Oscar Wilde, who was prosecuted and imprisoned for his homosexual relationships.

Actor’s Express Artistic Director Freddie Ashley is marvelous as Wilde, who must decide whether to flee England or face a jury and prison time. Taken from the history of Wilde’s secret life, David Hare brings life and drama to the stage in a glorious play about pride and betrayal.

This is a show well worth seeing, as is anything by Hare, who was twice nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplays “The Hours” and “The Reader.” His play “Plenty” was nominated for a Tony in 1983.

“The Judas Kiss” runs at Actor’s Express through June 11.

Cast: Christopher Corporandy, Jillian Fratkin, John Stephens, Clifton Guterman, Antonio Pareja, and Brody Wellmaker.

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