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‘Dirty Dancing’ at the Fox Nov. 25-Nov. 30

2014 November 22

OK, so you saw the movie. How much better could “Dirty Dancing” be live? Plenty if you believe the Washington Post reviews of the touring show.  Jennifer Grey may have made herself unrecognizable, but you will recognize the musical if you saw the movie when it hit theaters back in the 1980s as it is similar to the film.

So why should you see this if you’ve seen the movie–probably even numerous times by now? Because, as the WP says, “[It’s] an energy-to-burn cast” and it’s “really fun.”

The show opened in Australia 10 years ago and since has played in London and other European cities, Toronto and other North American cities, and is now on a new 30-city tour. says of the two lead characters, “Jillian Mueller (Baby) and Samuel Pergande (Johnny) have fabulous chemistry. They actually look like they enjoy dancing and romancing.”

Minnesota Monthly says, “Pergande has considerable shoes to fill, and he does—at least when he’s hoofing. He’s matched nicely by Mueller, who deftly portrays Baby’s evolution from dorky to slinky. . . Does it work? Yes, indeed . . .”

“Dirty Dancing” runs Tuesday, Nov. 25 through Sunday, Nov. 30 at the Fox Theatre.

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