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‘Elemeno Pea’ at Horizon Theatre

2014 March 18

“Elemeno Pea” (pronounced L-M-N-O-P) won’t get my vote for best play, but it isn’t bad. With a running time of 100 straight minutes, it could be worth a quick look.

When Devon (Tiffany Porter) arrives for a weekend at the opulent Martha’s Vinyard summer home where her sister¬† Simone (Cynthia D. Barker) works as a personal assistant, she quickly turns from impressed to unimpressed with the life Simone leads. “Elemeno Pea” is a light-hearted play with little depth but fine acting from the entire cast. Jos-B (Tony Guerrero), who maintains the property, brings snippets of hilarity with his portrayal of a Mexican worker. OK, we later find out he’s supposed to be from Puerto Rico, but this Jos-B sounds like a Mexican. The misaligned accent aside, his portrayal brings quite a few well-deserved laughs.¬† Michaela (Cara Mantella) whom Simone works for, is more of a neurotic cartoon character than a Yale graduate, and Ethan (Adam Fristoe), the love interest of Simone, is so self-obsessed he can’t even remember her sister’s name. Here’s a look at how far women with Ivy-league educations and master’s degrees have come.

Set design by Moriah Curley-Clay and Isabel Curley-Clay looks so real you can almost smell the sea outside.

“Elemeno Pea,” written by Molly Smith Metzler and directed by Heidi Cline McKerly, runs through April 13 at Horizon Theatre.

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