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‘The Motherf**ker With the Hat’ at Actors Express

2012 March 19

Randy Cohlmia and Denise Arribas; Photo Mark DeLong

Actor’s Express has opened “The Motherf**ker With the Hat,” which premiered on Broadway last year with Chris Rock playing the role of Ralph.

Neal A. Ghant slips into that role beautifully in this production along with a handful of other fine actors.

Two volatile brawling New Yawk couplesĀ  with alcohol and drug problems trying to straighten their lives out can’t seem to stop fighting, lying and betraying one another. Welcome to darkness with an ex-convict, drug addicts and a deceitful, self righteous AA sponsor.

Epithets fly as the women spar with their mates and men spar with one another.

F you and your F’in #*@ and your F’in mother!

If you’re ready for a rough and tumble evening of theater, this one’s for you. A nice group of actors does a good job with this. I don’t know how funny Chris Rock was in this show, but when the somewhat effeminate character Cousin Julio (Luis Hernandez) rubs seductive circles on Ralph’s chest as he threatens him with violence, you will laugh your a** off!

Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis and directed by Freddie Ashley, “The Motherf**ker With the Hat” runs through April 14 at Actor’s Express.


Veronica-Denise Arribas

Jackie-Randy Cohlmia

Victoria- Stacy Melich





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