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‘Time Stands Still’ Thrives at Horizon Theatre

2012 September 19

Time Stands StillChris Kayser, Carolyn Cook, Robin Bloodworth

Nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play, “Time Stands Still,” now playing at Horizon Theatre, is one of the best plays I have ever seen in Atlanta. Ever. It is the one local production you’ve got to see.

The story and characters are multidimensional. Even the airhead young event planner, Mandy (Ann Marie Gideon), has depth. No stereotypical, vapid characters here.¬† It’s an impeccable script with not one moment of boredom. The situations and characters are so real you become ensconced in their lives.

On top of this perfect script and scenic design–everything takes place in a loft that I’d swear is a loft right out of New York–there’s a wonderful cast. Every actor is thoroughly believable, and that in itself is such a rare treat.

You might think a show about a couple who are journalists and have returned from war torn Iraq might be a downer, but it’s not at all. It’s superb.

Written by the Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies, directed by Lisa Adler, and scenic design by Moriah Curley-Clay and Isabel Curley-Clay, “Time Stands Still” runs at Horizon Theatre through Oct. 14.


Robin Bloodworth  as James

Carolyn Cook as Sarah

Chris Kayser as Richard


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