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True Colors Theatre Presents Brilliant Production
‘How I Learned What I Learned’

2014 October 14

Get yourself down to True Colors Theatre Company now to see an outstanding performance of August Wilson’s play “How I Learned What I Learned.” Eugene Lee’s portrayal of August Wilson in the author’s personal stories of his life is not to be missed. Whether you’ve already seen the show performed by Wilson himself or on the stage in New York, this production is worth it just to see Lee. The stories themselves are mesmerizing and Lee’s performance is stellar.

With a fine scholarly oratorical prowess and near-perfect annunciation, August (Lee) winds through the stories of his life, growing up in the Hill district of Pittsburgh in 1965, going to jail, having an affair with a married woman and getting thrown out of his apartment when he couldn’t pay the rent. A man of principles who demands respect, August sticks to his guns, even when it gets him in trouble at work and with the law.

Self taught by reading reams of books since leaving high school, August became a poet and a playwright. Though he never reveals it in his monologue, Wilson was a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner (“Fences” and “The Piano Lesson”) and Tony Award winner for “Fences.”

Written by August Wilson and Todd Kreidler, directed by Todd Kreidler, the True Colors Theatre Company’s production of”How I Learned What I Learned” runs through Nov. 7 at Fulton County’s Southwest Arts Center located at 915 New Hope Road, Atlanta, GA 30331.

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